Areos Square Tripolis 22132 Greece

How to Get to Tripolis

There are several options to travel to Tripolis using public means of transport. For international attendees the simplest way is to fly to either Athens or Kalamata.

1. Fly to Athens

The city of Athens is the capital city of Greece and is located 160 km north of Tripolis. The ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT serves all major international airlines. From the AIA you will travel to the central hub for the buses from Athens to Tripolis named "KIFISOS BUS STATION". The easiest ways are:

  • Use the X93 city bus to get to the "KIFISOS BUS STATION". The bus departs from Athens Airport every 30-40 minutes. The bus ticket costs 6€ and the estimated ride duration is 1 hour. The timetables are available here.
  • Take a taxi to the "KIFISOS BUS STATION". The taxi cars are easily recognized by their yellow color and the TAXI illuminated sign on the roof of the car. The taxi service costs a minimum of 32€ during the day and 56€ during the night.
  • The buses to Tripolis depart from the terminal called "KTEL ARKADIAS" inside the station. The bus service typically starts at 6:30 and ends at 20:15, however more options may be available depending on the day. You may check for the available itineraries and book a ticket at KTEL ARKADIAS website. The travel time is two hours and the one-way ticket cost is 15€.

2. Fly to Kalamata

The city of Kalamata is located close to Tripolis at a distance of 90 km. The KALAMATA AIRPORT offers seasonal connections to a number of European airports. From the airport you may arrive at the "KTEL MESSINIAS" bus station in Kalamata using the local bus connection for a small fee during the day. A second bus will take you from Kalamata to Tripolis; the journey lasts approximately 1 hour and costs 8.1€. You may check for the available itineraries and book a ticket here.

Taxi services to Kalamata and Tripolis are also available at the Kalamata airport.

Once you arrive at the Tripolis bus station you can use a local bus or a taxi service to get to your preferred accommodation:

  • Local taxis can be found outside the bus station and they are recognized by their light grey-white color. The expected taxi fare from the bus station to any hotel in the area of Tripolis amounts to 6-7 €.
  • Local buses travel directly to the Kolokotroni square at the city center (GPS: 37°30'34.5"N 22°22'29.3"E). The bus stop is within walking distance to most of the hotels in Tripolis. If you board line 1 (orange) you need to get off at bus stop #1, and if you board line 2 (blue) you need to get off at bus stop #3. The bus routes and schedules are available at
    Bus route line 1 in Tripolis, Greece
    Bus route line 2 in Tripolis, Greece

3. Rent a Car

Tripolis is easily accessible via the A7 Motorway, which is part of the European route E65. The journey from Athens International Airport lasts 2 hours (190 km) and has a toll cost of approximately 12€. The journey from Kalamata Airport lasts 1 hour (85 km) and has a toll cost of approximately 5€. Please check the cost of fuel in Greece before planning for your travel by car.