Conference Committee

General Chair
  • Prof. Nikos. C. Sagias photo

    Nikos C. Sagias, University of Peloponnese

Technical Program Co-Chairs
  • Prof. Nikolaos D. Tselikas photo

    Nikolaos D. Tselikas, University of Peloponnese

  • Prof. George S. Tombras photo

    George S. Tombras, University of Athens

Finance and Registration Chair
  • Prof. Spyros Blionas photo

    Spyros Blionas, University of Peloponnese

  • Prof. Athanasios Kakarountas photo

    Athanasios Kakarountas, University of Thessaly

Local Arrangements Chair
  • Mr. Michalis Batistatos photo

    Michalis Batistatos, University of Peloponnese

Publications Co-Chairs
  • Prof. Ioannis D. Moscholios photo

    Ioannis D. Moscholios, University of Peloponnese

  • Prof. Costas Psychalinos photo

    Costas Psychalinos, University of Patras

Students' Awards Co-Chairs
  • Prof. Kostas Yiannopoulos photo

    Kostas Yiannopoulos, University of Peloponnese

  • Prof. Petros S. Bithas photo

    Petros S. Bithas, University of Athens